5ft/1.5m LED Cherry Blossom Tree Light 8 Color-Changing via Remote Controller


8 Colors Changing via RF Remote Controller. Totally 8 Colors, including Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Indigo and Multi-color. RF Remote Controller Functions with 21 Buttons Instruction. Button “ON”: Remote Control the Tree to Work. Button “OFF”: Remote Control the Tree to Close. Button “Jump”: 8 Colors Jump Combination. Button “Fade” in Blue Background: […]

Red 5ft/1.5m LED Maple Tree Outdoor Christmas Light Wedding Holiday Home Decor

The Composition of This Tree Model. 1pcs Main Tree Trunk. 9pcs Branches Totally, including 4pcs 6Y branches(A Branch has 6pcs Sub-branches), 4pcs 4Y branches(A Branch has 4pcs Sub-branches) and 1pcs 4Y Special Branche(Mark “A”). 1pcs Accessory Package, including 1pcs User Manual and Installation Instruction, 1pcs Tape, 1pcs wrench for LED tree installation, some additional maple […]