Complete Design Works Felt Christmas Stocking Snowflake Snowman Hand Stitched


One of a Kind! FINISHED Design Works Christmas Stocking “Snowman” 18. Started and Finished in 2023. 50+ hours of work in this completely hand worked, sewn with immaculate tight, well ordered stitching. No glue, issues, alterations or repairs! Kept in ziploc bag except for during the handwork process. Felt hanging tab will be added once […]

Complete Tabletop Christmas Nativity Scene with Shed Creche and 15 Figurines


Enjoy the complete Faithful Treasure Nativity Scene with Nativity Shed and 15 Figurines. The Nativity Stable is approximately 7.5 inches tall and it is perfect match for the included fifteen Faithful Treasure Nativity Figurines. The Christmas Scene Figurines are sized between 1.5 and 4 inches tall. Complete Christmas Nativity Scene with Nativity Stable and Nativity […]